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Hello, we are students of Whitney M. Young Magnet High School-- yes, the highschool that Michelle Obama went to. 

It's mind boggling to think that about A BILLION people on Earth do not have clean drinking water. You and I can just go to our kitchens and access clean water from the tap. We can take showers, use plumbing, and DRINK WATER. There are young children, as well as people of all ages, in Africa, and other parts of the world, that have to trek all morning and afternoon in order to get to their closest water source and back. This water source, which takes them forever to get to, looks like chocolate milk...but, it's water. That "water" is chalk full of parasites and is disgusting. Imagine if that were your only source of water. Imagine having to drink and bathe in that to survive. It's crazy! But, there's something that's even crazier: it's that we all have to ability to make a difference and make sure that everyone has safe, clean drinking water but, we don't. Isn't that insane?!

This club was created to make a difference and potentially change the lives of a lot of people. By donating to this club, you aren't just supporting the club itself and the Thirst Project, you are saving lives. 

We can make a difference, so why don't we?